Chinese Driver’s Licence Questions Learner


I am from Germany working in Shenzhen, China as a software developer. Since I am here for quite a while now, I wanted chinese drivers license qestions bookto make the Chinese driving license and be allowed to drive a car again. In Germany I have a driving license since I was 18years old and I am missing the driving. So at least I want the “sitting-behind-a-wheel” back. Driving a motorbike, which I would prefer, is not allowed in Shenzhen.

The first time I failed in the theoretical test, because I had only the Chinese questions for learning. After about 2 months searching I finally got the English questions.


Now I had the English questions as word document. Well, ok for learning, but I thought it would be nicer to take the questions with me in my mobile instead of always forgetting the printout at home. So I started to bring the text from the word document into a computer readable format. This was by far the most work. Then I wrote this little Windows Mobile™ program for presenting the data and remembering my faults.


It turned out that this program was a tremendous help and a huge motivational push. And I had it everywhere available, without having to carry the papers or finding out that I left them at home again. Well, since there were no requests for a Windows Mobile™ version, I am offering the PC version now with great success.