Nothing to install anymore. You just download and copy it where ever you want. There is only the .exe file.

All data, like your progress, is saved to one folder in a user writable area on your PC. This is normally at %APPDATA%\DLQSwotter. No registry entries are made.


When you first start the program, it will run in demo (or trial) mode until you register it with a valid license code. There are some limitations in the demo:

  • you have only access to the first two questions in each chapter
  • test mode is limited to 10 questions



To obtain a license code please visit and see further instructions. You will have several payment options.

The license you buy will be bound to one computer. If you want to run the program on serveral computers, you will have to buy one license for each computer.

After your purchased your license, you need to send the unique computer ID to ubicomputing. To do this is very easy – just click on ‘Register’ in the main menu.

Registration dialog

Registration dialog

You DON’T have to type the ID yourself! Actually this is not recommended, because there are often typos (I instead of 1 or O instead of 0). Just click on the ‘send my ID’ button. A new email will open in your standard email program with your ID pasted in the mail body.

Note: the standard email program depends on the configuration of your PC. Sometimes this process fails. For that case the ID is also copied to your clipboard. So you can easily paste (Crtl-V) the ID in an email to the support.

When you receive your license no. do the following steps:

  1. copy the license no. from the email (select it and press Ctrl-C)
  2. come again to this registration dialog (click ‘Register’ in the main menu
  3. click on the first empty textbox and press Ctrl-V
  4. click OK and your done



Learning mode

The learning mode is the default view of the questions. Here you can browse through all the questions.

Learning mode

Learning mode

For the navigation use the navigation buttons on the bottom. You can also use the cursor keys on your keyboard for faster access.

The first menu point Chapter lets you jump directly to any (sub-)chapter of the book.

Note: In the learning progress overview you can also click on the progress bar of each chapter to jump to it.

The right answer of a question will only be revealed AFTER you gave your suggestion. That way your pushed to really think about your answer. To answer just click on one of the silver buttons in front of the answers. The background of the given answer will change to green or red depending if your answer was right or wrong.

Fault list mode

Every time you answer a question wrong, it will be remembered in the fault list. Enter the fault list mode to study these question again. You can enter this mode by using the main menu Mode-Fault List or by clicking on the fault list counter in the top right corner. Note that the window title changes its text to show you have changed the mode. Also the background of the fault list counter will change to red.

Now you can browse through your wrong answered questions the same way like you browse through all of the questions in learning mode. So when is a question considered learned and deleted again from the fault list? For each wrong given answer, you have have to give 2 right answers. Eg. a question was answered wrong 1 time, then answer it right 2 times and it will vanish from the fault list. 2 wrong answers will need 4 right ones and so on. You can see the amount of wrong and right given answers to a question also on the top, right under the question’s ID. You see 2 numbers and a letter separated by /. The first number is the amount of right given answers, the second are the wrongs. The letter can be y(yes) or n(no) and tells you if the question is in the fault list or not.

Test mode

Progress overview



You can use your keyboard for faster navigation and answering the questions. The cursor keys are mapped to the navigation pad, ‘1’,’2′,’3′,’4′ answer a question and with ‘L’ and ‘F’ you can fast switch between learning mode and fault list.


Sometimes you have a question that you simply can’t remember right. Even after several times given the right answer. Now you can make that question one of your “favorites” and keep it permanently in the fault list. No matter how often you answer it right – it will stay there. To do this, just check the little checkbox in front of the questions ID.



  1. Bernd Grieger

    Wie viele Fragen werden in der Vollversion unter Testmode gestellt?
    Gib es schon ein updated auf den neuen 2013er Fragenkatalog?

    Bernd Grieger

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